We use a variety of tools and applications in our lab.

Behavioral Tasks
Many of our behavioral tasks have been programmed into PsychoPy, an open source software based within the Python language. This program is also free to download. We use PsychoPy for many of our tasks, presenting stimuli and collecting user input.

Imaging Techniques
Some of our studies involve EEG, MEG, and MRI imaging. To analyze this data, we use a variety of programs, including Matlab, Brainstorm (MEG and EEG), and FSL (fMRI, MRI, and DTI).

Data Analysis
Almost all of our data analysis is now being conducted using the R Project for Statistical Computing. This program is free to download and is open source, allowing users to create and distribute packages and custom functions to meet their needs. We use R to manipulate data, calculate statistics, and create graphs and visualizations of data.

          Additional Resources:
         Sample Size Calculator
         Effect SIze Formulas

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