Distorted Tunes

The distorted tunes task is an auditory task designed to measure pitch perception (Drayna et al., 2001). Subjects hear short clips of tonal melodies and are asked to indicate whether the tune sounded correctly or incorrectly, with wrong notes in them, and whether or not the tune was familiar to them. Stimuli include tonal representations of well-known melodies, such as “Amazing Grace” and “Yankee Doodle,” ranging from 12-26 notes. Of the 26 items, 17 are rendered melodically incorrect by changing the pitch of 2–9 notes within the tune.

Total Items: 26
Completion Time: 8 minutes
Dependent Variable: Total Items Correct, Familiarity of Items

Please contact me for task usage.

Drayna, D., Manichaikul, A., de Lange, M., Schneider, H., & Spector, T. (2001). Genetic correlates of musical pitch recognition in humans. Science, 291(5510), 1969-1972.

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