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Rhythm and Amusia in Schizophrenia

Basic Research Questions 1. Do schizophrenia patients’ rhythmic performances vary in the presence of tonal changes within rhythmic sequences? 2. Would such rhythmic performance variations themselves vary by the subjects’ pitch perception acuity? 3. Does rhythmic performance contribute to schizophrenia dysprosodia? Perceiving social intent via vocal intonation (prosody) is profoundly impaired in schizophrenia. Recent studies […]

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Prosody-Centric Neuropsychological Connectome

Basic Research Questions 1. How do deficits in auditory and language abilities relate to prosody perception across different diagnoses? 2. Which neuropathic mechanisms impair prosodic perception in schizophrenia and how are these different from other diagnoses? 3. What are the optimal targets for treatment interventions to improve social communication impairments? Dysprodia, which is impairment in […]

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