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Prosody and Pitch

Much of the research in our lab centers around prosody, the interpretation of intent based on vocal modulation through changes in perceived pitch, voice intensity, voice quality and speech rate. Prosody is an invaluable tool to attribute emotions to other’s voices. In our evolutionary past, perceiving prosody allowed our ancestors to determine friend or foe, securing […]

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Prosody-Centric Neuropsychological Connectome

Basic Research Questions 1. How do deficits in auditory and language abilities relate to prosody perception across different diagnoses? 2. Which neuropathic mechanisms impair prosodic perception in schizophrenia and how are these different from other diagnoses? 3. What are the optimal targets for treatment interventions to improve social communication impairments? Dysprodia, which is impairment in […]

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Conversation and Collaboration

Basic Research Questions: 1. How do individuals with schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders establish joint attention with another individual to achieve a common goal? 2. How do these individuals form common conceptual ground? 3. Further, how do turn taking dynamics differ during conversation?   Moment-by-moment coordination among conversational partners is necessary because for each utterance, […]

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