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FM Tones

Frequency Modulated (FM) stimuli consisted of simple sinusoidal frequency modulated (FM) tones generated in MATLAB with a one second duration. FM was calculated as follows: x(t)=Asin {2 π fc t + β sin(2 π fm t)} where x(t) is the pressure variation over time t, A is the peak amplitude( or pressure), fc is the […]

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Vocal Burst

Prosody is an important part of social communication in which we use vocal cues to determine the emotion in a speaker’s voice. Here, we examine prosody in vocal bursts, or nonverbal utterances. This task uses stimuli adapted from Simon-Thomas et al. (2009). Subjects listen to each stimulus and are asked to indicate how positive vs. […]

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Abstracting Emotions Using Frequency Modulated Tones

Basic Research Questions 1. Are carrier frequency and modulation depth cues sufficient enough to convey prosodic intent? 2. Can this acoustic space be mapped in order to determine the existence regions of basic emotions? 3. To what degree do responses to these tones reflect the use of pitch in actual prosodic processing? Affective communication through […]

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