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Phonological Awareness

This task examines phoneme perception and is adapted from Goswami, Gerson, and Astruc (2009). Subjects hear three words and are asked to indicate which one sounded different from the other two. Items are divided between sparse and dense dependent upon neighborhood density, or how interconnected a word is with other words in terms of sound […]

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Shahin Task

This task examines phoneme perception and is adapted from Carpenter and Shahin (2013). It is currently being piloted with collaborator Dr. Georgia Zellou. Subjects hear a sound and must decide whether it sounded like a /ba/, /wa/, or neither. This task has recently been expanded to include stimuli using /ga/ or /ya/ phonemes. Stimuli include […]

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AE/FT Tasks

These tasks are auditory tasks that measure phoneme perception with manipulated amplitude envelopes (top) or formant trajectories (bottom) between sounds and was adapted from Goswami et al. (2011). Subjects hear 3 stimuli and must decide which sound was different from the others. Stimuli difference for both tasks begins at 195 ms and changes adaptively based […]

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Time Perception Antecedents for Linguistic and Social Cognitive Dysfunction

Basic Research Questions 1. To what extent does auditory time perception contribute to phonemic differentiation and prosodic recognition in healthy individuals? 2. How do impairments in time perception affect phonemic differentiation and prosodic recognition in schizophrenia? Language and social cognitive impairment figure prominently in schizophrenia psychopathology and are linked to both positive as well as […]

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Prosody-Centric Neuropsychological Connectome

Basic Research Questions 1. How do deficits in auditory and language abilities relate to prosody perception across different diagnoses? 2. Which neuropathic mechanisms impair prosodic perception in schizophrenia and how are these different from other diagnoses? 3. What are the optimal targets for treatment interventions to improve social communication impairments? Dysprodia, which is impairment in […]

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