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Multimodal Neuroimaging of Prosody

Basic Research Questions: 1. How does the time-course of temporo-frontal reciprocal interactions during prosodic processing change when as affective prosodic intent varies in ambiguity? 2. How is functional connectivity within this temporo-frontal circuit, constrained by structural connectivity (i.e. Fiber pathway integrity)?   We have adopted a multi-stage model of prosodic processing. Prior fMRI suggested that affective […]

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Time, Causality, and Perception (TCP)

Basic Research Questions 1. How does the perception of time influence the attributions of causality in physical and social interaction? 2. Can stimulation of the frontal cortex using Transcranial Direct Stimulation (TDCS), and subsequent cognitive behavioral training alter the perception of temporal coincidence and by extension physical causality attributions in a sustained manner? 3. What are […]

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