AE/FT Tasks

These tasks are auditory tasks that measure phoneme perception with manipulated amplitude envelopes (top) or formant trajectories (bottom) between sounds and was adapted from Goswami et al. (2011). Subjects hear 3 stimuli and must decide which sound was different from the others. Stimuli difference for both tasks begins at 195 ms and changes adaptively based on subject performance.

Total Items: Adaptive in 2 down, 1 up procedure
Completion Time: 8 minutes each
Dependent Variable: Threshold of Stimuli Difference (ms)

This task is programmed in PsychoPy. Please contact me for task usage.

Goswami, U., Fosker, T., Huss, M., Mead, N., & Szucs, D. (2011). Rise time and formant transition duration in the discrimination of speech sounds: the Ba-Wa distinction in developmental dyslexia. Developmental science, 14(1), 34–43. doi:10.1111/j.1467-7687.2010.00955.x

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