Shahin Task

This task examines phoneme perception and is adapted from Carpenter and Shahin (2013). It is currently being piloted with collaborator Dr. Georgia Zellou. Subjects hear a sound and must decide whether it sounded like a /ba/, /wa/, or neither. This task has recently been expanded to include stimuli using /ga/ or /ya/ phonemes. Stimuli include phonemes and full words spoken by a male and a female speaker. Resolving time perception on the millisecond scale provides a crucial cue to perceiving phonemic distinctions via onset rise time (ORT) differences. For example /ba/ and /wa/ commonly have ORT’s of 35 and 125ms respectively. Fort the task, some stimuli include a /ba/ or /ga/ sound manipulated in Praat to include the ORT of a /wa/ or /ya/ sound, respectively, creating “hybrids.” By examining subjects’ responses to these hybrid stimuli, we are able to determine what cue subjects are attending to in phoneme perception.

For a stimulus list, click here.

Total Items: 96
Completion Time: 8 minutes
Dependent Variable: Number of Items Correct, Hybrid Stimuli Responses

This task is programmed in PsychoPy. Please contact me for task usage.

Carpenter, A. L., & Shahin, A. J. (2013). Development of the N1-P2 auditory evoked response to amplitude rise time and rate of formant transition of speech sounds. Neuroscience letters, 544(2013), 56–61. doi:10.1016/j.neulet.2013.03.041

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