Prosody Task

Prosody is an important part of social communication in which we use vocal cues to determine the emotion in a speaker’s voice. This task, adapted from Juslin and Laukka (2001) uses semantically neutral sentences spoken with either anger, happiness, fear, sadness, or ne expression. Subjects are asked to indicate which emotion the speaker was conveying and how intense it seemed on a Likert scale from 1-5.

Total Items: 33
Completion Time: 8 minutes
Dependent Variables: Number of Items Correct, Intensity Ratings

Please contact me for task usage.

Juslin, P. N., & Laukka, P. (2001). Impact of intended emotion intensity on cue utilization and decoding accuracy in vocal expression of emotion. Emotion, 1(4), 381–412. doi:10.1037//1528-3542.1.4.381

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