Phonological Awareness

This task examines phoneme perception and is adapted from Goswami, Gerson, and Astruc (2009). Subjects hear three words and are asked to indicate which one sounded different from the other two. Items are divided between sparse and dense dependent upon neighborhood density, or how interconnected a word is with other words in terms of sound similarity, initial or final letter, etc.

This task is programmed in PsychoPy. Please contact me for task usage.

Total Items: 20
Completion Time: 5 minutes
Dependent Variables: Number of Items Correct

Goswami, U., Gerson, D., & Astruc, L. (2009). Amplitude envelope perception, phonology and prosodic sensitivity in children with developmental dyslexia. Reading and Writing, 23(8), 995–1019. doi:10.1007/s11145-009-9186-6

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