Weintraub Sentence Discrimination

This task is not currently in use. Developed from Weintraub, Masulam, and Kramer (1981), it was designed to measure prosody perception. Subjects listen to a pair of sentences are asked to decide whether or not the sentences were spoken in the same or different manner. Sentences were semantically neural (e.g. “Jack climbed the mountain.”) Seventeen of the pairs differed because of either the stress (where stress emphasis shifted between the subject and object of the sentence) or declarative/interrogative differences. The remaining eight pairs were identical. You can read more about the task and results here.

Total Items: 25
Completion Time: 5 minutes
Dependent Variables: Number of Items Correct

Please contact me for task usage.

Weintraub, S., Mesulam, M. M., & Kramer, L. (1981). Disturbances in prosody: A right-hemisphere contribution to language. Archives of Neurology, 38, 742-744.

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