This task is not currently in use. It was developed by Orbelo et al. (2005) as an attitudinal subtest of the Aprosodia Battery. It consists of 20 sentences recorder by both male and female speakers in either a sincere or sarcastic manner. Sentences were semantically neural (e.g. “This looks like a safe boat.”) Subjects were asked to indicate whether the speaker was being sincere or sarcastic. You can read more about the task and results here and here.

Total Items: 20
Completion Time: 5 minutes
Dependent Variables: Number of Items Correct

Please contact me for task usage.

Orbelo, D. M., Grim, M. A., Talbott, R. E., & Ross, E. D. (2005). Impaired comprehension of affective prosody in elderly subjects is not predicted by age-related hearing loss or age-related cognitive decline. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology, 18, 25-32.

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